About us

Aaaahhh…the sweet smell of Sweet Potato Pie coming from the kitchen I remember vividly growing up as a little girl. It was this mouth-watering dessert my mom made every year for the holidays. I was never one to stand on a stool and ask questions about her technique. I waited patiently from the doorway as she delicately placed the pies in the oven and I quickly proceeded to lick the spoons before she had a chance to wash them.  And, sure enough, I was conveniently present to obtain the first slice!

Many years later, the joy of baking blossomed while working as a barista at a popular bakery and café in Santa Monica, California. The aroma of delectable pastries coming from the kitchen was so enticing it would frequently draw me away from the espresso machine and to the back of the house where I watched the pastry chefs create heaven. No I didn’t lick the spoons there!

After marrying my husband James I started spending a lot of time in the kitchen baking family recipes and I bet you can guess what came next? Yup Vici Victual!